The Sustainability Certificate mentor program works to help provide academic advice and direction to students while also creating a sense of community within the Certificate. Students who are new to the “sustainability community” around UGA’s campus can benefit from learning about the various opportunities available to them, hear first-hand student experiences about these organizations, and discuss sustainability principles which can guide their choices. In addition, the program will incorporate team-building exercises and large group gatherings to encourage bonds between all students in the Certificate.

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The proposed goals of this program are as follows:

  • Provide a resource to new students in the Sustainability Certificate who seek fellow student advice, whether in pursuing the Sustainability Certificate or college in general

  • Create a sense of community and interaction within the Sustainability Certificate   

  • Provide an outlet to discuss sustainability-related issues and themes outside of the classroom setting

Requirements for Mentees/Mentors are as follows:

  • Must attend orientation

  • Mentees and Mentors must have one face-to-face meeting

  • Must participate in the Certificate Volunteer Day each semester

Requirements for application to be a Mentor:

  • Can only apply if they are a sophomore or higher and have participated in at least one Sustainability Seminar

  • All students must learn to smell the roses and appreciate the sunshine

Proposed program overview:

Certificate students will be asked to participate as a mentee when they apply to the program

  1. Duration

    • The peer leadership program will formally last for one semester.

    • At the end of the semester, mentors and mentees will have the opportunity to renew for another semester if they wish to continue the program.

  2. Groups/Pairing

    • Groups will consist of one mentor and one mentee. In the case of excess mentees, groups of two mentees per mentor will be formed.

    • Pairing will be randomly assigned at orientation.

  3. Required Meeting

    • Orientation

      • Mentor pairs must meet for the first time at orientation.

      • During this initial 15-minute meeting, students should get to know each other, exchange contact information, and schedule their next meeting date before leaving orientation.

    • (at least) One Face-to-Face Meeting

      • Groups must meet within the next month following orientation.

      • Only one face-to-face meeting is required, though groups are encouraged to meet more often if they so choose.

      • This meeting might include getting lunch or coffee, but may be any activity that will facilitate casual conversation.  

      • Topics of conversation might include sustainability-related events and activities, course recommendations, or clubs/organizations to get involved with. Mentors are encouraged to invite mentees to club meetings and/or attend with them.

    • Certificate Volunteer Day

      • In the second half of the semester, there will be a volunteer day organized by Certificate staff which mentors/mentees will be required to participate in as a pair.